Lots of big changes are here!

Lots of big changes are here!

To my dearest and fellow vinyl addicts…Today is a big day!  I have a brand new e-commerce site going live along with TWO, yeah, TWO NEW PRODUCTS!  

The Generation 1 Vylümi Shine (battery pack) takes about 2-3 hours for me to hand assemble. I am putting a pause on the battery pack version and will be re-engineering it to work with a power bank instead of batteries. These two new products take about 20-30 minutes, so it is a huge quality of life imporovement when toiling away in my basement on these. Not only are features and functions game changers, but this will help my ability to scale. 

So how this is going to work? I’m going to have products on my site live the first 10 days of every month for you to place purchase whatever quantity you’d like. I will then put in orders for materials and start building them. Your payments will not be charged until I have purchased and started to make your units. I’ll provide build updates on my Instagram page and will be shipping them first orders in first orders out. I have no idea what the demand is going to look like so I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience while these get built. I plan to start ordering materials as soon as I get a handle on demand and will start making them right away. I figure I’ll start shipping the first units towards the end of the month. 

-Important- International requests please contact me before placing an order. I’ll still need to use Etsy to take care of VAT tax and Customs. 

Wholesale requests, please contact me to talk shop  


Y’all, this has been a crazy journey in the last few months. Your enthusiasm and patience has been amazing and I can’t wait to see your collections Shinning! 


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