Safely Display Your Colored Vinyl between Spins

Display Your Colored Vinyl Collection with Confidence. No Heat, No Scratches, No Warping -Guaranteed

Vylümi Shine Family of Products


This Device is going to damage my records right?

Heck no! Vylümi has been over-engineered from the begining. We use low powered LED lights which put out minimal heat. There is then a 2+ inch airgap to a non-conductive surface and the record then hangs on the the nub which creates an additional 4mm airgap. The record floats on that nub so no scratches or damage can be done.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We have cusotmers in over 18 countries at this point. For the easiest experience for international purchase please hit up our Etsy shop which can handle VAT taxes and Shipping-

Or You can place the order here and take care of VAT taxes upon delivery.

How long will it take to get my shine on?

Well ya'll, these are handmade individually in Atlanta, Ga. Usual turn around is 5 business days, but supply constraints can push that out to 10+ business days these days. We will always clearly communicate build times.

I own a Retail store, do you wholesale?

Yep! Happy to talk shop and see what works best for all involved. Drop us a line at

Do your models support both US and International power standards?

Yes. The A/C powered models support 110v and 220V, you just need to purchase an adapter for your country. Do Not purchase a converter.

The USB Models are compatable with 5V USB ports on computers or wall adapters for your country.

Can you hang these on the wall?

The Gen1 Shine was battery powered and came standard with a sawtooth wall hanger. The current models are all corded, so if you're good with either cords hanging down or hiding them, we can add a sawtooth wall hanger to any device. Just leave us a note at checkout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely Love It

It looks amazing. Super easy to use and set up with the app. Only thing I couldn’t find on it was a simple white light or warm white light. All of the lights are pretty colorful.


Worth every penny

Ryan P.
High Quality product

This is my second Vylumi product purchased in the last year. I also own the Vylumi classic and now adding the Sparq. These product a super high quality and durable. The lights are great and offer a wonderful variety of patterns. The sync mode work great as well and matches up no matter if I am streaming or listening to vinyl. I highly recommend these items to any music fan!

Savannah H

I was looking for something to display my vinyl (mostly when I have box sets) and I saw someone on Reddit purchase this. Not only can I display my vinyl easier, I can see color that I never noticed in some vinyl. I absolutely love it!!

Mr. Charlie
Mind-blowingly amazing product

I have this hanging over my monitor in my WFH office and just kick back and get mesmerized while reports are loading. This won't be the only one I purchase!